What We Offer

Honor life. Enjoy nature. Find peace.
Established in 1939, Greenlawn Memorial Park’s specially designed memorial gardens provide families with more choices than any other location for remembering and memorializing loved ones.  Among these are the beautiful mausoleum overlooking the pond, the beautifully landscaped Private Family Estate area, and the serene gardens.  The pristine setting of Greenlawn Memorial Park provides a beautiful environment to truly celebrate and remember.

Ground Burial

Many people still prefer ground burial, and Greenlawn Memorial Park knows that deciding on the type of memorial property is a very personal decision. Whether you are looking to establish a multi-grave private lot, or are in need of a single space, Greenlawn has beautiful gardens to choose from and meet your needs.

Mausoleum Entombment

Greenlawn Memorial Park has many options for those who might prefer mausoleum entombment. With one of Columbia’s largest and most ornate mausoleums, and with a variety of crypts, your family is sure to find a fitting space that can serve as the perfect final resting place.

Cremation Memorialization

Over the years, Greenlawn Memorial Park has continued to add options for those who have chosen cremation as their means of final interment. We have many areas and different options for cremation memorialization.  Moreover, these choices are not casketed burial options converted for cremation, but rather totally unique and different offerings for cremation families.

To truly understand the variety of possibilities, we invite you to explore the many unique ways to celebrate and honor a life at Greenlawn Memorial Park by scheduling a tour. Whether you choose entombment or cremation, our advisors are here to help you design a permanent memorialization that’s as unique as the life it celebrates.

To learn more about what’s available, or to set up a guided tour, please contact us at ​(803) 386-0151​.